New drone delivery route demonstrates stable cargo delivery technology in Japan

Japanese drone technology company Aeronext is opening a research and development base and test airfield for delivery drones in Kosuge Village. The village has problems with the frequency of traditional deliveries, and drone deliveries should promote the local economy. According to Japan UAS Industrial Development Association (JUIDA), vegetables and products were delivered successfully during a demonstration flight.

Aeronext’s Next DELIVERY goal is BVLOS flights in manned areas in 2022, which is the goal of Japan Air Mobility Revolution Roadmap.

The company aims to demonstrate its 4D GRAVITY technology and establish drone delivery routes using a drone experimental corridor. Activity will include demonstrating new smart logistics integrating drone delivery and land based delivery.

Kosuge is located in the headwaters of the Tama River, about 2 hours from Tokyo. Kosuge and Aeronext intend to promote, via the implementation of drone delivery, agriculture, tourism, industry, economic regional employment, human resource development, regional environment improvement, contribution to regional disaster prevention, and improvement of social infrastructure.

Signing the cooperation agreement in November 2020, Mayor Funaki of Kosuge stated: “We are looking forward to becoming partners with Aeronext through the conclusion of the cooperation agreement and working together to support the development of the village. Kosuge Village was hit by a heavy snowfall in 2014, and at that time I strongly felt the need for a drone. I would like to use drones to create disaster-resistant villages.”

Aeronext researches and develops drones for a wide range of industrial applications using its proprietary aircraft structure design technology 4D GRAVITY. The technology is major part of Aeronext’s logistics drone activity where traditional drones are limited and face instability due to the shifting centre of gravity. By eliminating the bias of luggage during transportation, it is possible to transport medical and precision equipment and deliver meals, which is difficult with conventional drones.

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