Kittyhawk launches new version of LAANC Low Altitude Authorisation and Notification Capability platform

Kittyhawk has launched a new version of its Low Altitude Authorisation and Notification Capability platform designed to support a more robust and compliant airspace management process according to a company release. Kittyhawk operates one of the largest UAS software platform for recreational and enterprise users, processing nearly half of all LAANC airspace authorisations. The company aims to provide a single source of truth for planning and compliance with a centralised workflow for user operations.

The new platform is available as an App, combined with the Kittyhawk enterprise-only Air Control platform. Kittyhawk says it has added new data to UASFM advisories to make the authorisation process more intuitive; designed new map; removed steps to make the authorisation process faster; and opened up access to “further coordination” (approvals above pre-approved ceilings) to all Part 107 users.

New features include:

  • Single LAANC authorisation areas can span up to 10 miles
  • Each user can have up to three overlapping authorisations
  • Airport grids and advisory information specify if further coordination is available.
  • Users can edit existing LAANC authorizations
  • Users can “close” in-process LAANC authorizations (and go apply for others).

Kittyhawk’s new version of LAANC also supports airports with part-time tower operations. When a tower closes, formerly controlled airspace becomes Class G with no LAANC required. With this update, there are now 133 new airports across the country that support LAANC effective September 24, 2020.

Kittyhawk recently became SOC 2 Type II certified. The company’s enterprise Air Control platform features Dynamic Airspace technology to display all authorisations in real-time on the user’s airspace map, enabling managers of drone programmes to search, sort, download, and manage their team’s authorisations. The company aims to ensure an operator flies with LAANC and all flights operate within the four-dimensional bounds of those authorisations as verified by real-time telemetry.

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