Kaspersky releases Antidrone update – streamlines airspace monitoring and protection

Russia’s Kaspersky has released an update for its Antidrone solution to streamline airspace monitoring and protection while simultaneously reducing false alarm rates from radars, detectors and other devices, according to the company’s social media channels. The update introduces unique algorithms that analyse data from diverse sources, including radars, RF direction finders, and optical as well as thermal imaging cameras, the company states.

Antidrone detects airborne objects, classifies them and responds to incursions while running all the while in automatic mode. Data on the target drone , remote control model and location of the drone operator is displayed in real time. Sensors – selected specifically for each site/mission set in combination with AI-based technologies – signal the approach of a drone to a controlled zone and pursue the target, ensuriang that only verified events are displayed.

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Kaspersky Antidrone — protecting airspace from civilian drones

(Image: Kaspersky)

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