Japanese UAS association and Finnish aerospace centre cooperate to advance UAS and UAM markets

The Japan UAS Industrial Development Association (JUIDA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with LIFT Future Aerospace Centre, the future aviation research and development centre – ecosystem and network – established in 2022 at the Helsinki-East Aerodrome in Finland.

The objective is to explore opportunities for cooperation in technological and industrial development projects, exchange of information, application of technologies with mutual interest, research, promotion of tech-focused events, overall contributing to the collective advancement of the UAS and UAM market in both countries.

LIFT will generate new business and innovations around the aviation of the future. The key responses to the challenges are seen as the electrification of flying and renewable energy sources, digitalisation as the basis for the unmanning of aircraft and airport automation, as well as the hugely increasing data collection, transmission, analysis and storage.
LIFT’s vision is to take advantage of the opportunities brought by the aviation of the future and to support the creation of a new industry, business and jobs in Finland. In particular, the aim is to seek internationally successful solutions through joint action.

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