Japan plans to license drone operators flying BVLOS by 2022, along with drone registration

The Japanese government is introducing new measures to create a licensing system for operating drones when flights are beyond the operator’s line of sight according to a report in Japan Times. The government is already working on new legislation to establish an online drone register in 2022, and this latest development is expected to encourage increased usage of unmanned vehicles for purposes such as delivering daily necessities and medicine, or assisting security patrols in areas with an aging population.

According to Japan Times, the license will be age-restricted, and will require operators to pass both a written and practical examination. They will be only valid for a certain period of time and will have to be renewed. Illegal drone use will lead to the cancellation or suspension of a license. A public-private panel is discussing how to facilitate the use of drones and will report back to the government on the proposed the license system. The government plans to finalize the details and submit a bill to revise the civil aeronautics law to the Diet in 2021.

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