Japan Airlines and Terra Drone to test delivery of emergency goods by drone in joint project with Yabu City

Japan Airlines (JAL) and Yabu City have agreed to verify the feasibility of using UAV technology to transport emergency goods to unpopulated areas in Japan with the cooperation of Terra Drone Corporation. JAL and Terra Drone plan delivery of pharmaceuticals and other emergency supplies in mountainous terrain.

The demonstrations are due to take place in Spring 2020 over a 25km route from Yoka Municipal Hospital to Deai Clinic on the Yagi River. JAL is providing operational knowledge and Terra Drone is providing a fixed wing small UAV and Terrra Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system. Yabu City is coordinating activity with the local community and related parties. Medicao Corporation is providing test equipment.

The purpose is to demonstrate the use of UAV technology to deliver medical care in remote areas. Yabu City also investigating drone use in agriculture and hopes to expand into other areas such as disaster, logistics and medical care assistance. Through these demonstrations, Yabu City will work on the deregulation of UAV technology, aiming to assist unpopulated regional areas in Japan.

JAL and Terra Drone have also agreed to carry out a joint study into air mobility.

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