Israel chooses national test site for trialling commercial drone operations

By Arie Egozi

A dedicated, isolated commercial drone test site will be built in Yeruham, in Southern Israel.

The test site will serve organizations and companies involved in the development of drones and related technologies and will used by members of the NAAMA drone programme ( which aims to develop a regulated system for the operation of commercial drones in Israel.

The need for a defined, isolated and designated complex has come as a result of a significant increase in licensing applications and approvals for conducting trials on drone test flights submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority. Currently, there are about 160 companies involved in developing drone technologies.

The choice of the site for the construction of the experimental complex is based mainly on the relative isolation of the Yeruham area from aircraft activity.

Local organizations in Yeruham will also benefit from the test site. One is the drone department in the local research centre where students are developing algorithms of artificial intelligence and facial recognition software for autonomous drone operations in a built-up area.

The test site in Southern Israel will enable uninterrupted testing as there are relatively few Israeli air force flights in the area.

(Image: Shutterstock/ Protasov AN)

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