Israel’s InfiniDome “is developing 60-70 gram anti-GNSS-jamming drone protection system”

By Arie Egozi

An Israeli company has developed a very small anti jamming system for long-endurance drones. According to Amir Haim Rabinovitz of InfiniDome, the next generation anti-jamming system version weighs only 60-70 grams. He told Unmanned Airspace that the company’s anti jamming system is based on a unique chip developed by a professor in Ben Gurion University in Israel.

“Drones and drone services are decidedly dependent on global navigation satellite system (GNSS) services whether from GPS, GLONASS or Galileo. GNSS compatible equipment can use navigational satellites from other networks, and more satellites means increased receiver accuracy and reliability,” he said.

The company says its GPSdome detects and shields the received signals from being overpowered by inexpensive jamming products. The proprietary interference filtering algorithm combines the patterns from two antennas which, in real-time, analyzes where the interference is coming from, then precisely targets a null in the direction of the attacking signals. The company says the system automatically detects, alerts and dynamically protects the drone by attenuating a jamming signal without any action or involvement from the operator.

When triggered, GPSdome creates an alert that it is sensing a pending attack which can be directly transmitted to the flight controller. When infiniDome’s CommModule is combined with GPSdome, the alert is also sent over a cellular data link to infiniDome’s proprietary infiniCloud, the Israeli company’s GPS cyber security cloud. infiniCloud provides access to real time and statistical data on GPS attacks for its users as seen in the field.

GPSdome complies with Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) principles, but without the cost and highly stringent export control restrictions associated with these large, inflexible and expensive CRPA solutions, according to the company

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