Irish Aviation Authority issues new UAS operational authorisation to A-techSYN

Advanced Technologies with Synergies (A-techSYN) has secured another uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) operational authorisation from the Irish Aviation Authority. The authorisation allows A-techSYN to perform SAIL-II Level operations and its new base of operation will be the Carrowmore Point on the west coast of Ireland.

The company develops and manufactures the CGT-50 VTOL UAS which is designed for a range of applications, including maritime surveys and security operations. The previous authorisation in Wicklow limited A-techSYN to perform flights in a TRA only environment. This new authorisation will allow proof of concept flights below 500 feet as well as more complex and varied operations for applications up to 2500 feet within the TRA which exceeds 100 sq. nautical miles.

Over the coming months, A-techSYN is planning to perform up to 100 BVLOS flights for existing (DTIF-GUARD, UAVES, MISTRAL) and future projects with the CGT50 VTOL UAS. 

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