INVOLI launches G-1090 air traffic signal receiver product line

Connectivity company INVOLI has launched the G-1090 product line of air traffic signal receivers comprising a set of Swiss-made ground-based receivers of cooperative air traffic signals.

The G-1090 air traffic receivers allow airspace managers and operation managers to obtain real-time and historical Air Traffic Data as a cost-effective alternative to traditional radar equipment, says the INVOLI press release.

The equipment can be deployed individually or in a network and offers the opportunity for operators to conduct drone missions in uncontrolled airspace and low-altitude U-space flights under a variety of technological and geographic circumstances. Features include:

  • Detects airplanes, helicopters, gliders, or drones equipped with ADS-B, Mode S, and Mode A/C transponders (1090 MHz) – (Mode S and Mode A/C aircraft available thanks to Multilateration),
  • Detects transponder messages over the 978 Mhz frequency.This version is specific to the USA market,
  • Allows the detection of aircraft equipped with FLARM transceivers, like gliders, helicopters, and some several General Aviation aircraft,
  • Capable to detect drones broadcasting their position and ID over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols,
  • Patented in the US, this device interrogates aircraft equipped with ADS-B, Mode S, and Mode A/C transponders, and can be used in areas where interrogations from surveillance radars are not present.

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