infinDome, Honeywell, Easy Aerial “demonstrate UAS navigation reliability” in GNSS denied environment

infiniDome, Honeywell and Easy Aerial report they have demonstrated the first UAV-tailored, robust navigation system which integrates GPS anti-jamming technology (#GPSdome), a radar velocity system (#HRVS) and inertial navigation system (#HCINS) “into the first-ever fully resilient system allowing UAVs not only to safely operate but successfully complete their missions, even in GPS challenged or fully denied environments.”

According to an infiniDome press release:

“Due to the weak and vulnerable nature of the GNSS signal, it is extremely susceptible to jamming attacks which today could be carried out from large distances using a USD50 jammer bought online. UAV developers or end users currently try to solve this problem either by creating “safe landing protocols” in GNSS-challenged environments or by adding various types of sensors (e.g., LiDAR, optical, etc.) to their flight controllers which provide, only in some scenarios, a reasonable source of positioning data. The problem is that they do not work in many situations such as when flying too high, too low, too fast, fog, darkness, above sea and other such scenarios.

“By tightly pairing the GNSS-based UAV-tailored Honeywell’s Compact Inertial Navigation System (HCINS) with infiniDome’s GNSS anti-jamming technology (GPSdome), integrated with Honeywell’s Radar-based Velocity System (HRVS) Robust Navigation System is a holistic solution that could be installed on almost any UAV providing it with continuous, accurate navigation data in GNSS-challenged or fully GNSS-denied environments.”

The goal of the demonstration was to prove the Robust Navigation System capabilities in maintaining autonomous navigation operation for multi-copters under different GPS/GNSS jamming scenarios. According to the press release: “the UAV, protected by the Robust Navigation System solution, passed all planned tests and proved that in GNSS-challenged environment and even in full GNSS-denied environment, the UAV can not only safely land or return home, but it can also complete its BVLOS/ autonomous mission.”


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