Inadequate EW “is contributing to major Russian losses to Ukrainian drones”

The UK government says poor Russian electronic warfare (EW) resource planning is contributing to increased losses from Ukrainian drones. Statements from the Ministry of Defence in London on 12 January 2024 suggest that the paucity of effective EW equipment with front line forces is a major contributing factor to the huge losses of equipment – and personnel – Russia is suffering at the hands of Ukrainian drones.

Stating that Ukraine is using first person view (FPV) UAVs to carry munitions targeted on Russian troops, vehicles and weapon systems, the Ministry said: “The FPV-UAVs are being used in conjunction with artillery to target Russian Forces’ vehicles, with a Russian military blogger estimating 90 per cent of Russian military equipment in the Krynky sector has been destroyed. […] Russia’s inability to counter the FPV-UAVs is likely due to a shortage of Russian electronic warfare capability in the area.”

At the same time, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was in Kyiv promising the UK will provide GBP2.5 billion in military aid to assist the fight against Russia over the coming year. As well as supporting the additional procurement of air defence, large calibre artillery ammunition and maritime security solutions, some GBP200 million will be dedicated to procurement and production of thousands of drones, the government stated.

(Image: Shutterstock – An exposition of Russian military equipment destroyed during the hostilities during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a view of the blown up and burnt rusty electronic warfare vehicle)

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