ICAO publishes Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management Edition 3, sets out core capabilities

ICAO has published its Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM) Edition 3 report intended to provide a framework along with the core capabilities of a “typical” UTM system for states that are considering the implementation of a UTM system. A common framework is needed to facilitate the harmonization between UTM systems globally and provide a stepped approach towards integration into the ATM system.

UTM Edition 3 provides a ‘Common Framework with Core Principles for Global Harmonization (Edition 3)’. While UTM, as a concept, is already under development, a common agreement on its framework and principles is essential to ensuring global harmonization and interoperability. To achieve this, ICAO is leading efforts by States, UAS industry leaders, academic institutions, and aviation professionals towards the development of this framework for UTM

ICAO is a global aviation forum, to support States, UAS industry leaders, academic and aviation professionals, exploring the current state-of-the-art for UTM and using that information to develop the framework and core principles of UTM.

This framework is not intended to endorse or propose any specific UTM system design or technical solutions to the UTM challenge but instead to provide an overarching framework for such a system. The intent is for this to be a living document and as new or additional information is gained, the UTM framework will be updated.

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