Hamburg U-space defines sandbox area ready for the start of live flight demonstrations in October

U-space flight tests starting in October 2021 will take place in a newly-defined airspace in the port of Hamburg. In total, the real-world laboratory covers a distance of 30 square kilometres. It consists of two interconnected areas: one is located to the north and the other to the south.

The northern area, where the flying weeks take place in October, extends over parts of Francop as well as Altenwerder and borders on Waltershof and Moorburg.

The southern area, which is largely intended for the test flights, includes the Steinwerder area as well as parts of Grasbrook and borders on parts of Hamburg-Mitte and Hafencity.

The aim of the test flights is to transfer the mandatory services applicable in a U-Space from 2023 into practice. The test flights will run until the beginning/middle of October. Following this, the flight weeks herald the last phase of the project. The test tracks refer to the current state of planning.

The project is funded by the Bundesministerium fur Verkehr und digitale infrastruktur (BMVI) and includes the following partners: DFS Seutsche Flugsicherung, Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) Anstalt offentilichen Rechts, HHLA Sky, Ministry of Economy and Innovation Hamburg, Hamburg Aviation, and project consortium UDVeo.

(Image: FabianMeyer/pixelliebe/Olga Tsyvinska/, © Map Tiler © OpenStreetMap contributors)

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