GUTMA launches UTM ecosystems’ readiness task force

The Global UTM Association (GUTMA) has launched the GUTMA UTM Ecosystems’ Readiness Task Force powered in cooperation with PwC Drone Powered Solutions. The initiative aims to map and analyse the readiness of uncrewed traffic management (UTM) ecosystems globally, focusing on the scalability of commercial drone operations.

The Task Force will develop a methodology and questionnaire to assess national efforts in establishing a commercial drone economy, including UTM implementation and other supportive measures. Public and private stakeholders from various countries will be invited to contribute to a global assessment of UTM ecosystems’ readiness.

The results of the questionnaire will be analysed to assess UTM ecosystems’ readiness, identify obstacles to commercial drone operations, and highlight best practices. A detailed report will be created from the Task Force’s findings.

The inaugural meeting of the Task Force is scheduled for 18 July. The Task Force is set to run for four months, from July to October, with a bi-weekly meeting cadence.

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