GREy launches new flight planning platform for drone operators in Poland

GREy has been officially launched for institutional use in Poland. The platform provides beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) Flight Planning as a Service (FPaaS) for drone pilots. It is designed to enable drone operators across to perform safe operations and easier align with complex ground risk analysis rules (SORA).

The GREy platform provides a web portal with SORA/PDRA/STS/N-STS compliant tools and pre-compiled geo-data repository. It enables operators to check flight trajectory against geo-data repository in terms of extended vertical profile as well as population and risk heatmap with built-in accountability mechanisms, according to company information.

GREy offer highly scalable access to DTM/DSM models, required by CIS and USSP for assessing Strategic Flight Plan Process, as well as support for CARS (Common Altitude Reference System). Complete and detailed geo-data repository allows performing ad-hoc spatial analysis required in nonstandard situations.

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