Global UTM Association summit anticipates competitive U-space services market place

The Global Uncrewed Traffic Management (UTM) Association hosted a European U-space policy summit on 15 March attended by industry leaders, regulators and key institutions. Timed ahead of the coming into effect of the U-space regulation in January 2023, participants discussed UTM development in Europe. GUTMA also released a position paper entitled “The future of aviation has arrived! – The next steps to build the drone service ecosystem“.

The summit is part of GUTMA’s Harmonised Skies 2022 series and opens a dialogue with EU regulators lays the foundations for the path towards a competitive UTM services market leading to innovation, societal and economic growth, says the GUTMA press release. The event, “From rules to market: Can we achieve a competitive UTM services market?” hosted topical issues surrounding the drone service ecosystem and tackled regulatory topics, focusing on establishing a fair and competitive U-space services market alongside GUTMA members including Anra Technologies, Droniq, FOCA, HHLA Sky, Manna, One Sky, TEOCO and Wing, as well as institutions such as the European Commission, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and Eurocontrol.

European Commission Director General for Mobility and Transport Henrik Hololei stressed the importance of promoting a thriving drone services ecosystem greening and digitising the economy. In this regard, GUTMA’s position paper “The future of aviation has arrived!” provides the basis for a thriving drone services ecosystem in Europe aiming at competitiveness, innovation and growth, says GUTMA.

GUTMA anticipates U-space to be the sole enabler of regulated and efficient drone operations and services in Europe. The importance of U-space lies in its status as an advanced regulatory baseline in the drone ecosystem. The build-up of expertise in the provision of drone services withing the U-space will spill over the third markets, creating added value for European companies or foreign companies established in the European market.

Fair competition is crucial for a successful deployment of U-space services. Increased competition within the sector will lead to constant innovation and more affordable drone services for citizens and companies. GUTMA claims drones can help society achieve a sustainable future, and dialogue with interested stakeholders, local authorities, and civil society on the social effects of this revolution remain a priority. The association brings together stakeholders from across the drone and UTM sector, whose collaboration is crucial for a fair and harmonised ecosystem.

With the dialogue driven by GUTMA through the European U-space policy summit, Europe is a step forward in promoting a thriving ecosystem of drone services in a coherent and encompassing manner. The second event of Harmonised Skies 2022 series will combine GUTMA’s General Assembly in Asia in 2Q22.

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