Future Flight Challenge research partners introduce real-time situational awareness technology

UK Future Flight Challenge Consortium partners Sky-Drones and Neuron Innovations have announced the release of ground sensor network technology for UAVs. The technology offers real-time data and situational awareness to enable UAVs to become more efficient and effective for a variety of applications.

The solution is the result of the addition of Neuron Innovations’ sensor network API to the Sky-Drone Cloud. The integration enables Sky-Drones’ customers to leverage the power of Neuron Innovations’ ground sensor network to enhance the capabilities of their UAVs. This data can be used to optimize flight paths, improve mission planning, and enhance overall safety and efficiency, according to company information.

The integration represents a step forward in the evolution of UAV technology with the support of advanced sensor networks and enables UAVs to support a wide range of applications, from delivery and infrastructure inspections to search and rescue operations and disaster response.

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