French ministries of transport and armed forces invite projects to accelerate U-space implementation

The French transport ministry in partnership with the Defense Innovation Agency (AID) has launched a call for projects to accelerate the implementation of the “U space” programme first introduced in 2018.

The call is the fourth part of the Transport Innovation Agency (AIT) Propulse programme announced on 30 August 2021 and the first to also be supported by the Defense Innovation Agency (AID). It is a response to both civil and military issues and aims to create a coherent and effective airspace environment.

The “U-space” programme designates the future management of air traffic for drones, with a high level of automation and digitization, guaranteeing a safe integration of drones in airspace from a safety and security point of view. safety, but also respectful of the environment and protection of privacy.

The French “U-space Together” call for projects aims to experiment on a very large scale with solutions for air traffic management services for drones, at very low altitude, in almost the entire territory of mainland France. It has five packages aimed at meeting a variety of technical and operational challenges linked to the rise of drones in France and in Europe.

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