Flytbase launches connectors that integrate DAA and other drone operations

FlytBase has launched connectors that enable ‘one-click’ integration for drone operations including detect and avoid (DAA) capabilities.

The connectors, known as Flinks (short for FlytBase Links), allow users to connect the FlytBase platform with third-party applications and devices such as DAA systems, alarms, video management and data processing.‍

Flinks includes six different integration types. The DAA connectors integrate third-party cooperative and uncooperative aircraft detection systems to ensure safety and compliance with airspace regulations. A second type integrates uncrewed traffic management (UTM) systems for real-time airspace awareness. Others integrate various alarm systems for drone response to incidents like motion sensors, fire alarms, and dispatch systems, or integrate data processing applications that help generate high-res maps, surface and 3D models, and reports tailored to specific applications. Live Streaming connectors link drone and dock video feeds with Video Management Systems (VMS) and other video storage or analytics applications for site security operations and incident response. In addition, Flinks can enable users to export detailed drone missions and data to apps that help manage resources, batteries, and flight logs.

FlytBase says it is expanding its library of Flinks and is inviting organisations developing software applications like VMS, drone data processing or analytics tools, or flight safety systems such as UTM, DAA, and parachute systems to integrate with FlytBase through Flinks.

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