First test flights for the SESAR GOF 2.0 demonstration project to start within weeks in Estonia

The SESAR Very Large Demonstration project GOF 2.0 has announced the first wave of trials will start this Autumn. The first test flights will take place in Estonia beginning of September. The focus will be on operations in dense environments, including several use cases and scenarios such as Electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) intercity and international flight, drone surveillance flights, automated parcel delivery, among others.

The GOF2.0 Integrated Urban Airspace VLD (GOF2.0) very large demonstration project aims to safely, securely, and sustainably demonstrate operational validity of serving combined UAS, eVTOL and manned operations in a unified, dense urban airspace using current ATM and U-space services and systems.

The demonstrations focus on validation of the GOF 2.0 architecture for highly automated real-time separation assurance in dense air space including precision weather and telecom networks for air-ground communication and will significantly contribute to understanding how the safe integration of UAM and other commercial drone operations into ATM Airspace without degrading safety, security or disrupting current airspace operations can be implemented.

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