Ferrovial and Lilium announce plans to develop US Vertiport Network

Infrastructure operator Ferrovial has signed a framework agreement with Lilium, the aviation company developing an all-electric, vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) jet aircraft, to develop a network of at least ten vertiports in Florida. The zero-carbon infrastructure and services will cover strategic locations in all major cities across the state, according to the joint press release.

Ferrovial and Lilium will collaborate in designing and constructing the vertiport facilities as well as the operation and maintenance of the vertiports for passenger service. The first location in South Florida will be announced as soon as Spring 2021.

The partners seek to provide an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative transport network connecting locations across Florida. The believe Vertiports are a key component in realizing the enormous potential of innovations in eVTOL aviation, providing infrastructure for landing, recharging, and taking off with passengers.

The Lilium Jet will connect regions in new, sustainable, and more convenient ways. The efficient and ultra-low noise electric jet engines allow the Lilium Jet to operate in densely populated urban areas and cover longer distances at high-speed with zero operating emissions. By saving time and enhancing connectivity, the service will drive significant economic growth for cities and increase access to industry, culture, and nature.

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