eVertiSKY hosts webinar on proposed Vertiport architecture for South Chicago UAM feasibility study

The Chicago Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Mock Feasibility Study 2023 has announced a fourth development phase. During this stage of the five-month study, the group, led by eVertiSKY, will identify the proposed airspace architecture and location for the planned vertiport. Completion of the fifth phase will be followed by the release of a comprehensive report in August 2023.

The Phase 4 Airspace Architecture webinar will take place in a two-hour Zoom event on 22 June online to present the study approach and UAM use cases to develop a theoretical, however actionable, UAM framework for the location at 6200 South State Chicago.

The UAM study is an online collaboration to develop and simulate a framework for the commercial use of drones and electronic flying vehicles in Chicago. UAM is expected to relieve street congestion with a daily flight volume significantly larger than traditional commercial aviation. Ultimately, the benefits of this new transportation can only materialize through a collective vision from citizens, industry, developers, and the local business community.

The 2023 Mock UAM Feasibility Study is driven by committees focused on the following areas:

  • Commercialization – delivery of cargo, passengers, retail products
  • Workforce – knowledge transfer programs for industry segments
  • Airspace Construction – flight boundary and rule definitions and route registration
  • Ground Space Assessment | Construction – sustainable, code-adherent land use planning
  • Architecture – design of the ideated vertiport and connected airspace structure

Study deliverables developed by members of eVertiSKY include:

  • Southside Formal Report of Study Findings
  • 3-D Simulation of Active Vertiport and Airspace Activity

Zoom Webinar link: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwkd-iuqDkjGNa2kPfVye_clPIM2NOJeJyR

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