Eurocontrol delivers workshop to provide U-space guidance and support in Sofia, Bulgaria

Eurocontrol delivered a workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria, at the end of February to the Bulgarian civil aviation authority and BULATSA air navigation service provider. Provided by members of Eurocontrol’s Innovation Hub drone programme team, the workshop covered areas such as EASA’s new Acceptable Means Compliance and Guidance Material for the U-space regulatory package, the minimum operational performance standards for the geo-fencing service, and implementation aspects regarding the “four plus two” U-space services defined in the EU U-space regulation. It also provided an introduction on how to perform an airspace risk assessment.

Further support initiatives are planned with Bulgaria in the autumn of 2023. Bulgaria is the latest State to take up Eurocontrol provision of drone expertise, delivered in the form of workshops and guidance.

EUROCONTROL’s support to states mechanism provides assistance to states that are planning the designation of U-space airspaces since 2021, not only in supporting the airspace risk assessments necessary before such a designation, but also in organising targeted explanatory workshops.

For more info on how EUROCONTROL can help States with U-space implementation, contact Juan Vasquez or Elina Millere.

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