Eurocae, RTCA confirm speakers at virtual ‘Aviation Summit – Future Connectivity’ event

Eurocae and RTCA have announced the speakers at the virtual Aviation Summit – Future Connectivity taking place on 25 October 2023.

List of the sessions and confirmed speakers:

This event is pleased to announce the participation of an impressive lineup of speakers who are at the forefront of aviation connectivity and data communication:

  • Opening Session: Future Connectivity for Aviation: The European Union Aviation Safety Agency, the Federal Aviation Administration, Airbus and Boeing have launched a joint cooperation initiative to rethink aviation connectivity, defining a blueprint for the modernisation and harmonisation of the aviation data communication landscape by 2035. Their white paper offers a jointly proposed vision for the future aviation connectivity landscape which is based on the combination of aviation specific solutions.
    Speakers: Rachel Daeschler (EASA), Lirio Liu (FAA), Sabine Klauke (Airbus), and Dr. Todd Citron (Boeing).
  • Panel One: From Innovation to Implementation: After exploring a vision for what data communications will look like by 2035, we will continue the conversation by exploring what comes next after new technologies are initially standardized. Hear about the methods to validate the requirements and verify the methods to scale new standards into operational use. We will discuss how standards are utilized to improve the entire ecosystem of aviation.
    Speakers: Claude Pichavant (Airbus), Peter Hotham (SESAR Joint Undertaking), and Steve Bradford (FAA).
  • Panel Two: Protecting Communication in an Unsecure World: Datalink connectivity provides opportunities for innovation, and maintaining safety, but a reliance on connectivity may impact security assurance. A system is as secure as its weakest link, so collaboration across the industry is essential. What are the main risks and issues to be addressed? How do aeronautical industry and aviation stakeholders intend to assess, identify and mitigate these risks and issues?
    Speakers: Timo Warns (Airbus), Peter Leydold (Frequentis), Craig Boxrucker (ALPA), and Jonathan Graeffe (Collins Aerospace).
  • Panel Three: Enabling Green Operations Through Datalink Standards: The potential benefit of Datalink is twofold: on the one hand it establishes the aircraft as a source of data which can be downlinked to the ground or cross-linked to other aircraft. This may lead to improved flight efficiency and safety by raising situational awareness on the flight deck of other aircraft. On the other hand, Datalink is used for the delivery of clearances to aircraft using CPDLC. This improves the spectrum use and increases the efficiency of ATC procedures, thereby potentially increasing airspace capacity and resulting in more efficient flight profiles.
    Speakers: Wes Googe (American Airlines), Ana Beroiz (EUROCONTROL), Kieran O’Carroll (IATA), Rocky Stone (Retired Airline Captain), and Kathy Torrence (FAA).

EUROCAE and RTCA will evaluate the results of the discussions to help shape and improve the existing standard and future standardisation work programme to support future connectivity needs.

Attendance to the Summit is complimentary.  Event and registration details:

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