Droniq strengthens testing and training activities, partners with experienced providers

Germany’s Uncrewed Traffic Management (UTM) company Droniq is expanding its training platform, the Droniq Academy. In future, prospective drone pilots will be able to train for and take the A2 remote pilot certificate at numerous locations throughout Germany besides Frankfurt, including Bremen, Cottbus/Neuhausen, Flensburg, Hamburg, Kaltenkirchen, Kamenz and Mönchengladbach.

The new Droniq Academy sites are run by partner companies. These include Mönchengladbach Airport, AEF (the research and flight test centre for autonomous and electric flying), Luftprofile, Hanseatic Aviation Solutions and Yuneec. These partner companies can conduct training and tests at their sites under the umbrella of the Droniq Academy, which has been recognised as a certified test centre (PStF.035) by the German Federal Aviation Office (LBA). These companies receive all Droniq’s testing and training material. This includes the IT-based examination system of Droniq’s partner Aviationexam, which is already one of the leading learning and examination tools in manned aviation. Prospective remote pilots can thus avail themselves of all learning options, from pure e-learning and digital training to classic classroom-based training.

For the current year, Droniq plans to further expand its range of training courses offered by the Academy for commercial, industrial and public safety organisations.

“The demand for drone pilots is continuously increasing among commercial and industrial users as well as with public authorities and organisations involved with public safety, such as fire brigades, rescue services or police units,” explained Droniq CEO Jan-Eric Putze. “They can all receive a range of professional training at our Academy, keeping up to date with the latest rules and requirements. Training at our Academy ensures a solid foundation for the safe use of drones at all times.”

“Our goal is to expand the Droniq Academy in Germany and in Europe by establishing further sites,” revealed Alexander Tummes, Head of the Droniq Academy. “Here, of course, we are also always on the lookout for additional strong partners.”

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