Droniq “is on track to become Europe’s first USSP”

German UAS traffic management (UTM) company Droniq has announced on social media “it is on track to become Europe’s first U-space service provider (USSP).”

According to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) “there is a need to have an appropriate common information service (CIS) that will enable the exchange of essential information between the U-space service providers (USSPs), the UAS operators, the air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and all other participants in the U-space airspace.”

In a Linkedin post Droniq has announced:

“Because we want to manage air traffic safely in urban environments. But there is still a long way to go. An important step on this way is taking place right now. Droniq has signed an innovation partnership contract with EASA with the objective to make a first assessment on Droniq’s capacity to be qualified as USSP in accordance with the U-Space Regulation. Droniq is the first German company to go through this pre-qualification process.”

(Image: Shutterstock/RikoBest)

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