Drone Logistics Ecosystem welcomes Brazilian drone delivery company Moya Aero

Brazilian drone delivery company Moya Aero is the latest company to join Drone Logistics Ecosystem (DLE), the global/virtual network of Companies, Universities, the Public/Governments, and Investors operating in the drone logistics industry.

Moya Aero’s eVTOL is designed to operate on 100% electric power with a payload capacity of 200kg, covering a range of 110km. With the prototype set to take flight in Q4 2023, the company has secured a Letter of Intent for 50 units with Helisul, Brazil’s largest helicopter operator, which is diversifying into the drone sector.

“The cargo drone market is poised to evolve in diverse directions due to the extensive array of possibilities before us. Automation stands as a pivotal stride, eliminating the need for pilots on long-haul journeys and transcending the limitations of traffic. Equally significant is the environmental aspect, as drones supersede combustion vehicles, effectively nullifying carbon emissions. As drones proliferate, they will revolutionize vital transport segments beyond the confines of last-mile logistics, enhancing productivity and efficiency,” said Renata Marins Paolillo, COO of Moya Aero.

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