Denmark’s national drone test centre and Mittarfeqarfiit to collaborate in Greenland

UAS Denmark Test Center, Denmark’s national drone test center, and Mittarfeqarfiit, Greenland Airports, are establishing a collaboration that will contribute to the development and testing of drones under Arctic conditions at Kangerlussuaq Airport and the surrounding airspace. With the Greenlandic partnership, UAS Denmark Test Center becomes the first test center in Europe to offer tests and flights under real Arctic conditions.

Drone technology has enormous development potential in and around the Arctic with projects including surveillance of vast land and sea areas, collection of weather and climate data, and assistance in rescue operations at sea and on land.

“For some time now, we have been receiving inquiries from drone manufacturers about being able to test, train and demonstrate their systems under Arctic conditions. Therefore, we are very pleased that we together with Mittarfeqarfiit can offer this opportunity,” says Kim Kenlev, Chairman of HCA Airport and member of UAS Denmark Test Center’s steering committee.

Extremely harsh conditions
Kangerlussuaq, also known as Big Fjord, was chosen because the airport has some of the same characteristics as HCA Airport north of Odense, where UAS Denmark Test Center is based. It is a fully operational airport with ample space and a large airspace with limited traffic.

This collaboration will allow drone producers and end-users of drone technology to test both complete drone systems and drone components under authentic Arctic conditions. It will also be possible to conduct training sessions, service and maintenance as well as a range of test activities.

“As a drone developer, you have previously been more or less limited to place your equipment in a freezer. But in Kangerlussuaq, you can actually test your equipment and personnel under real Arctic conditions, where the environment can be extremely harsh for the drone’s electronics,” says Michael Larsen, Head of UAS Denmark Test Center.

The facilities in Kangerlussuaq are already available for drone tests. They are expected to be open throughout the year, but it will depend on the weather conditions.

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