Dedrone: one third of drone flights violate FAA rules on July 4

New data from Dedrone reveals that one-third of all drone flights on the busiest drone flying day of the year, July 4, violate Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules. 

The company says that in 2023 there was a 3.7x increase in drones flying too high, endangering other aircraft, and a 4.3x increase in drones entering restricted airspace. 

Unauthorised drone activity poses significant risks, particularly during high-profile events and holidays when public spaces are crowded. The potential for drones to cause accidents or be used maliciously is a serious threat that cannot be ignored. 

The FAA also warns drone pilots not to fly their aircraft near fireworks to catch aerial photographs or video. In May, Sky Elements received FAA approval to attach fireworks to its “pyro-drones”, but this practice uses a specific set of technologies to ensure safety and is not permitted for individuals.

It is worth bearing in mind that crewed air traffic also reaches record numbers during the summer holiday period, adding to a congested airspace. The United States Transportation Security Administration expects to screen more than 3 million passengers on June 28, which would be a new record. 

To keep US citizens and environments safe this July 4 and at all other times, Dedrone reminds pilots of uncrewed systems to familiarise themselves with the regulations surrounding drone operations and adhere to them. The consequences of violating these rules can be severe, including felony charges.

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