Dedrone moves detection data into the cloud

By placing drone detection data in the cloud, the new Dedrone Cloud solution launched by Dedrone delivers information on airspace activity without requiring on-site IT infrastructure or maintenance. Dedrone Cloud delivers the company’s airspace security technology solution which identifies and tracks unauthorized drones and collects data, using a secure cloud-based environment.

Dedrone’s software is a machine learning network using information from a proprietary database, DroneDNA. DroneTracker gathers intelligence from various sensors, including radio frequency and Wi-Fi scanners, microphones, and cameras, DroneTracker can detect drones over a mile away from a protected site and determines the communications protocol of the drone, its flight path and the location of the pilot. Once a drone is detected, the software alerts security personnel and can be integrated to deploy a passive security measure or defeat technology.

Dedrone says communication between the DroneTracker Software and RF sensor is configured automatically, and updates are automatically integrated into a customer’s DroneTracker software, supported by a 99.9% uptime rate. RF-100 and RF-300 sensors are both supported by Dedrone Cloud.

(Image: Dedrone)

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