CORUS-XUAM project demonstrates U-space services in test flights at Pointoise Airport sandbox

The SESAR CORUS-XUAM research project reports successful demonstration of U-space services in a series of test flights using the Pointoise Airport Unmanned Aerial Mobility (UAM) sandbox in France.

Hologarde and Boreal conducted fixed-wing drone flight demonstrations aimed at ensuring safe integration of drones/VTOLs into the airspace.

Groupe ADP, as an accelerator of the advanced air mobility ecosystem, coordinates this initiative to foster a safe and meaningful new way of transporting people or goods in urban environments.

CORUS-XUAM is a 24-month VLD project that demonstrates how U-space services and solutions could support integrated Urban Air Mobility (UAM) flight operations, allowing eVTOLs/UAS and other airspace users (unmanned and manned) to operate safely, securely, sustainably and efficiently in a controlled and fully integrated airspace, without undue impact on operations currently managed by ATM. The project is proposed by the consortium that delivered the SJU CORUS U-space Concept of Operations (ConOps) in 2019, extended by the addition of UAM expertise.

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