Cando Drones and High Lander announce 5G drone test flight in Israel

Cando Drones and High Lander have carried out the first drone flight using the new 5G MAX network of Pelephone, one of Israel’s principal mobile network operators. 

Pelephone’s 5G MAX network, launched this April in collaboration with Ericsson, is a new mobile network based on 5G standalone technology. Providing connectivity to the drone ecosystem will be one of the common applications of the new network.

The 5G MAX network enables dynamic reservation and allocation of network resources which could safeguard connectivity for drones at times of high system usage, such as during public events. 

Cando Drones executed the flight using High Lander’s Orion drone fleet management platform. This software enables multiple simultaneous missions, BVLOS flights, a real-time cockpit mode, and live video feed sharing – all of which require reliable, high-bandwidth telecommunications infrastructure.

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