Canadian training institute selects Altitude Angel’s GuardianATM airspace management platform

Canadian drone flight training institute Sugu Drones has selected Altitude Angel’s GuardianATM airspace management platform to support its in-house developed flight planning and logging platform. GuardianATM will provide Sugu pilots with real-time, accurate geospatial & flight awareness data and live, interactive airspace alerts. These inform drone operators when manned flights are due to intersect with the proposed flight plan –supporting safe operations when operating on or around a commercial airfield, such as Toronto Pearson or Mississauga.

According to an Altitude Angel press release, Sugu Drones also plans to incorporate Altitude Angel’s Strategic Conflict Resolution Service (CRS) in its mission control and autopilot software to de-conflict all Sugu operations from other drone flights, as well as manned aviation flights operating in close proximity. It is Sugu’s goal to offer an additional layer of safety in reference to Transport Canada’s proposed certifications on Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations.

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