Brussels Airport becomes 50% shareholder in UTM company SkeyDrone launched by skeyes in 2020

Brussels Airport Company and Belgian’s air navigation service provider (ANSP) skeyes have agreed that Brussels Airport will acquire new shares to be issued by SkeyDrone, whereby Brussels Airport will own 50% less 1 share in SkeyDrone and skeyes the remaining shares. skeyes and Brussels Airport Company will also sign a shareholders’ agreement that organizes the governance and the strategic development of SkeyDrone in the future.

Currently a 100% subsidiary of skeyes, SkeyDrone offers positioning, navigation, guidance and data analysis services for unmanned aircraft in Belgium and abroad. Over the past year, Brussels Airport has worked closely with skeyes and SkeyDrone on various drone projects in fields such as intrusion detection, aerodrome safety, operational efficiency, etc.

Brussels Airport’s ambition is to play a leading role together with skeyes and SkeyDrone in developing and applying innovative uses of drones. By sharing knowledge, expertise and aviation experience as one of Europe’s leading airports, Brussels Airport also intends to support SkeyDrone’s future growth ambitions.

“Brussels Airport’s investment in SkeyDrone is strategic and goes beyond investing in drone know-how and technology. It is an investment in co-creating the future of unmanned air traffic together with 2 key players in this field, skeyes and SkeyDrone. With SkeyDrone, we can fully explore, develop and commercialise drone management systems and drone services that can be used on a daily basis by clients in various industries.”, says Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company.

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