Belgian ANSP and civil aviation authority collaborate to designate U-space airspaces

The Belgium–Netherlands U-space Reference Design Implementation (BURDI) project , comprising a consortium of 18 partners aims to apply the new European regulatory U-space framework through use cases. Project coordinator Skeyes is collaborating with the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority to prepare the future implementation of U-space airspaces over Belgium. This joint activity will enable elaboration of a framework to designate U-space airspaces after a risk assessment process, and to certify Skeyes as Common Information Service Provider (CISP) and SkeyDrone as U-Space airspace Service Provider (USSP). These actions will be needed for the BURDI project aiming to develop a global solution for U-space airspaces implementation in Belgium.

BURDI project is driven by a consortium of skeyes as an Air Navigation Service Provider and coordinator of the project, Belgian Defence, SkeyDrone as U-space Service Provider, IT and data providers Unifly and Unisphere, drone operators SABCA, INFRABEL, Helicus, DroneMatrix, FLYING-CAM and Skyports, Port of Antwerp as UAS Geographical zones manager, and supporting entities in relevant domains: Alliance for New Mobility Europe (AME) for communication and dissemination, Future Needs for business sustainability, EUROCONTROL and Netherland Aerospace Centre (NLR) for international harmonisation and AIRBUS for co-creation and coordination of stakeholders towards public embracement of urban air mobility operations.

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