ANRA to provide U-space infrastructure for Estonia’s CACTUS sandbox trials

UTM company ANRA Technologies, in partnership with the Tartu Science Park Foundation (TSP), has announced winning both phases of an award to support the development of a U-space Sandbox in Tartu, Estonia. The Estonia Transport Administration, with funding from the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency, sponsors this project to implement the European U-space regulation. ANRA will lead the creation of the sandbox for broad-based development and deployment of uncrewed aviation technologies, including the safe testing of automated aviation systems. The ANRA project is named CACTUS, an acronym for “Competent Authority Coordinating Testing in U-space Sandbox.”

ANRA is providing the foundational infrastructure to enable the interaction of the various U-space services, exchange data with stakeholders in the ecosystem throughout automation software and data interfaces to enable integration between the competent and local authorities, air navigation service providers, UAS service providers, common information service providers, supplemental data service providers (surveillance, weather, etc.) and operators.
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