Altitude Angel “to supply UTM system to Sweden’s PNK research project”

Sweden’s PNK Project (Positioning Navigation & Communication) reports in a social media post that Altitude Angel is adding its Guardian UTM system to the portfolio of industry research partners.

The PNK Project has been developed to “test, document and evaluate the possibility and expediency of using the mobile network to position – navigate – communicate with driverless flying vehicles out of sight of the operator but under supervision, safe and according to laws and regulations.”

The project is located in the DCS test bed in Västervik, a drone test area of 2400km2. The PNK4UTM project consortium includes Telia, Tre, Ericsson, RISE and AstaZero, SWEPOS/Lantmäteriet, Södra skogsägarna, Vattenfall, T2 -data, WASP/WARA.

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PNK Projektet

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