Aloft launches B4UFLY replacement Air Aware in partnership with the Pilot Institute

Drone services company Aloft has launched a replacement to its B4UFLY app called Air Aware. The application is designed to offer comprehensive real-time insights before, during, and after drone operations. Air Aware also integrates educational content in a strategic partnership with FAA-approved TRUST provider, the Pilot Institute.

According to the press release, the collaboration aims to elevate the knowledge and preparedness of drone pilots, with further technical capabilities and educational content planned by Aloft and the Pilot Institute.

Since 2019, when Aloft partnered with the FAA to power its B4UFLY application, Aloft has facilitated over 30 million airspace requests, and this expertise and scale are now encapsulated in the new Air Aware application, says the company. This next-generation tool is designed to provide support to drone pilots, enhancing safety and compliance with dynamic, real-time data. The application includes Aloft’s Notify & Fly capabilities, which have been used hundreds of thousands of times voluntarily by pilots to share their flight activity with their fellow airspace users and stakeholders.

“Our partnership with Aloft on Air Aware will equip drone pilots with the knowledge and tools they need to fly safely,” said Greg Reverdiau, co-founder of Pilot Institute.

“Airspace safety isn’t simply about the moments before takeoff anymore. With Air Aware, we’re redefining situational awareness to encompass the entire flight lifecycle,” said Jon Hegranes, Founder & CEO of Aloft. “This is the evolution of our commitment to advancing drone safety and our collective march to the true integration of drones into the national airspace system.”

Air Aware can be downloaded from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store or used on the web at

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