Aloft integrates SGI Waivers into its Air Control platform

Aloft Technologies, Inc. has integrated Automated Special Government Interest (SGI) Waivers into its Aloft Air Control platform. This new feature is designed to improve how drone operators access restricted airspace and comply with federal regulations.

The Automated SGI Waivers, which are now available for all Aloft Air Control enterprise customers, simplify the process of obtaining necessary permissions for drone operations in sensitive or restricted areas including public safety, emergency response, and infrastructure inspection applications.

The waivers are designed to interact with existing features within the Aloft Air Control ecosystem, providing an airspace management system that includes pre-flight planning, real-time traffic alerts, and post-operation analysis. They can reduce the waiting period for gaining airspace access and ensure that drone flights are compliant with current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

Users will be able to transform an existing mission in Aloft into an auto-generated SGI form ready to email to the FAA’s System Operations Support Centre.

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