Airspace Link raises USD4 million seed funding to support UAS support services

U-space service provider AirSpace Link has raised its seed funding worth USD4 million to bring its services into the open market, according to financial reports. The Detroit-based company provides flight automation services and is an approved provider of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) Low Altitude Authorization & Notification Capability (LAANC), providing commercial drone pilots with access to controlled airspace at or below 400 feet. This amount has been raised in two parts with USD1 million as pre-seed round and USD3 million as seed fund led by 2048 Ventures and Indicator Ventures.

According to the President and CEO of AirSpace Link, Michael Healander, the municipal governments are using AirSpace Link’s integration with mapping tools to provide information on ground-based risk. Michael said: “We’re creating the roads based on ground-based risk and we push that out into the drone community to let them know where it’s okay to fly.” He added: “We’ve just spent the past month understanding what regulation is going to be around to support it. In two years from now every drone will be live tracked in our platform.” He added, “Today we’re just authorizing flight plans.”

According to a report by Ciolook, autonomous vehicles pose a potential risk to civilians. Drones can be used to target concerts, sporting events, parking bays, or such other areas where people gather at huge level for potential attacks. Julian King, the Commissioner at EU Security warns, “Drones are becoming more and more powerful and smarter which makes them more and more attractive for legitimate use, but also for hostile acts.”

To resolve this problem Michael Healander took a next step by stating, “We build out population data and give state and local governments a tool to create advisories for emergency events or any areas where high densities of people will be. That creates an advisory that goes through our platform to the drone industry.”

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