Airspace Link announces global partnership with Volatus Aerospace

Drone services provider Airspace Link has formed a global partnership with uncrewed aircraft operator Volatus Aerospace. The two companies will collaborate on advanced uncrewed operations, bringing together Airspace Link’s advanced planning, integration, and data capabilities with Volatus technology to support the safe integration of remotely piloted aircraft systems.

The group will be teaming on a multitude of projects which will include continued work on cross-border operations between Ontario, Canada and Detroit, Michigan.  The partnership between Airspace Link and Volatus will explore remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) and applications for secured cargo package delivery between Windsor, Canada and Detroit, Michigan. The pair feels that RPAS will propose new mobility solutions to help solve some of the supply chain challenges as well as provide new solutions in times of need and Volatus, as a bonded carrier, can advance those operations even further.

Extending west, the team will explore development of oil and gas operations, as well as utility and rail inspections in North Dakota using the Vantis Network. Additional public safety and cargo operations are also underway to support local community development in Texas and other states.

On a global scale, the partnership will spread operational investments into Europe and the Middle East with their first project focused on airspace modernization for Dubai. Other target areas for advancement will include intra-island operations for cargo delivery around the Caribbean Islands along with opportunities in South America.

Volatus already conducts a high volumes of oil and gas pipeline and utility inspections globally and Volatus offers a variety of different aircraft platforms and capabilities, each one outfitted for the specific mission at hand. Airspace Link’s AirHub solution assists with controlled airspace operations requiring Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) approval from the FAA in the United States.

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