Agenda released for Elevating Air Mobility forum, Flying Forward 2020 final event

On 22 November 2023, Flying Forward 2020, AiRMOUR and AURORA SESAR research projects will hold the collaborative final event “Elevating Urban Air Mobility” to share the knowledge and results garnered by these projects over the last three years – a testament to the advances made in the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) sector. As these three projects approach their culmination, this event aims to support future endeavours in the drone and UAM field.

By sharing results, insights, and experiences, the work aims to provide a strong foundation upon which future projects can build, innovate, and expand. The UAM industry is continuously evolving, and the collective insights from these projects can significantly influence its trajectory.

The morning starts with a warm welcome by Joachim Lucking, after which Kai Bauer will give a perspective on the importance of UAM and he will speak about the IAM Hub that the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is developing. The keynote speakers from the three projects will continue from there to talk in depth about the project outcomes and what the contribution has been to the European UAM development.

Next up, is the panel discussion about the lessons learned from the three projects, when the speakers will have the opportunity to reflect on and learn from past experiences and trials in UAM, providing valuable insights into what works and what does not in this innovative field. The second panel discussion about the role of cities in UAM will delve into the crucial role that local and regional authorities play in the integration and management of UAM, exploring how municipalities can navigate the complexities of increased drone traffic.

After the panel discussions, delegates are invited to get involved with three breakout rounds:

  1. UAM Legislation, Innovation and Sustainability
  2. Drone Emergency Services, Public Engagement, and Simulations
  3. Safety, Economics, and UAS Operations Regulations

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