Aerobits expands remote ID solutions to support compliance with US and European requirements

Polish avionics specialist Aerobits has expanded its range of small Remote ID solutions. The company’s group of idME family combines Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GNSS and pressure sensor for drone applications, including a series of OEM modules equipped with Remote ID modules:

  • With BLE: TT-RB1
  • With BLE, GNSS: TT-RG1
  • With BLE, GNSS, Wi-Fi: TT-RW1

The company has launched a new OEM module for Remote ID purposes. TT-RW1 is OEM Direct/Broadcast Remote ID solution. It is designed especially for global drone manufacturers or aeromodellers, who want to comply with the FAA’s and EASA’s requirements.

Our TT-RW1 module is a low-level solution prepared for integration with drones directly in their manufacturing process. The modules can communicate via the UART standard and USB. Compared to the competition, we are distinguished by our small size and very low weight, which allows our products to be used in virtually any category of drones.

TT-RW1 has implemented communication via MAVLINK V2 protocol, which significantly facilitates the integration with various flight controllers, it also has a CSV protocol, which is ideal for further data processing. Such a solution allows the module to be post-integrated not only in the Direct/Broadcast standard but also through Internet databases using applications on phones, computers etc.

The mandatory compliance date for registered drone operations begins on the 1st of January 2024 in European countries. The Remote ID rule declares that specific UAV or commercial drones must have Remote ID broadcast capabilities to fly legally in the airspace.

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