Aerial Defence announces small, lightweight counter drone detector with ATAK integration

Drone technology company Aerial Defence is offering a small form factor Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) designed to detect, track, and identify drones that are transmitting a RemoteID (ASTM F3411-22 (US) and ASD-STAN (Europe). Despite its small size of just 2.25″ (56mm) and weight of less than 15 grams, the sensor offers a detection capability that can detect drones in real-time. Additionally, it has a user-readable display and full Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) integration for situational awareness, says the company.

By integrating this sensor with ATAK, any connected operator can monitor drone activity in real-time and use the platform’s powerful tools to coordinate assets and respond to the threat. This integration provides users with a complete picture of the drone’s location and trajectory and allows for the creation of custom geofencing and no-fly zones, providing an additional layer of protection for sensitive areas.

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