ADW 2024: What eVTOL operations will happen this year in Paris?

Paris 2024 has been marked for years as the launch-pad of the global advanced air mobility (AAM) industry. But while Volocopter eVTOLs will be flying this summer in the French capital they will not be transporting passengers but carrying out operational validation flights in support of emergency medical services use cases.

A panel at Amsterdam Drone Week, comprising Oliver Reinhardt of Volocopter, Thierry Allain of the DGAC, Solene Le Bris, Innovation Department Groupe ADP and Maria Algar Ruiz, EASA Drones Programme Manager, discussed what AAM watchers are likely to see in Paris this year.

According to Thierry Allain, Volocopter eVTOLs will fly existing VFR helicopter routes through the capital but at different altitudes to helicopters. Pilot certification will be based on current helicopter licences with special type rating for eVTOLs. Volocopter is currently finalising the training syllabus for its pilot training programme.

The driver for the trials is operational validation of using eVTOLs for EMS services, transfer between hospitals of patients and then logistical hospital supplies,” said Solene Le Bris. A use case analysis has suggested the availability of a single eVTOL in Paris could reduce by 75% the number of current EMS journeys.

“Operational validation this summer will then lead to testing the business case of eVTOLs by the end of the year,” she said.

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