US Agility Prime programme to focus on airspace integration with appointment of ‘Dash’ Divakaran

The US Air Force launched the Agility Prime initiative in April 2020 to test, experiment and generally accelerate the development of eVTOL for cross commercial and military use. The Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps have all identified eVTOL as a critical area of interest for a variety of reasons. EVTOLs promise a lower noise profile — all the better for stealth operations — as well as a lower cost to operate and potentially more flexibility for missions and operations. They also offer opportunities for greener operations.

Addressing the area of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) efforts in military airspace, Darshan ‘Dash’ Divakaran has been appointed to the new role of Airspace Integration Lead on the programme. Integrating advanced aviation with traditional platforms impacts military, commercial, and other civil airspace.

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