Maynooth University seeks coordinator for Drone Innovation Platform project

Maynooth University (MU) is seeking a candidate to coordinate various aspects of its Drone Innovation Platform project. This will include exploring drone innovation frameworks, establishing and building stakeholder networks, coordinating and running workshop events, composing and categorising stakeholder feedback, drafting end-user service needs, collating input for Web platform design, investigating sustainable drone service models and preparing drone innovation plans.

This collaborative research project will be managed through SFI centre LERO, coordinated by MU and involve Dublin City Council (DCC) and the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). This project builds on Accelerating the Potential of Drones for Local Government, an initiative by DCC, involving a number of partners including IAA and MU, completed in June 2022. This project will support the implementation of Dublin City Council’s Drone Strategy launched in May 2024.

MU says there is a need for widespread engagement to define the rules for flying and how areas of concern in relation to safety, security, environmental impact and privacy can be addressed.

The Drone Innovation Platform project proposes to address this over a two-year period, delivering a suite of recommendations and an understanding of what the role of local authorities should be and how the IAA can support the growth of drones in an inclusive and collaborative manner. The project’s main aim is to gain a better understanding of the various technological, regulatory, wider-societal and innovation supports required by these new drone ecosystems and related activities that are planned for typical European City environments. This study will examine drone technologies, stakeholders’ requirements and view-points, the regulatory framework, U-Space and UTM architectures together with commercial and innovation aspects.

A suitably qualified candidate is required to play a key role in this Drone Innovation Platform project. They will work closely with the Principal Investigator (Tim McCarthy) & Management Team: Jamie Cudden (DCC Smart Cities),Thomas Curran (DCC, Drone Unit) and Enda Walsh (IAA, UAS Manager/Drones Champion) and will be responsible for ensuring their aspects of the work for this project are adhered to in terms of outputs, deliverables and milestones. The role will include secondment at DCC for a significant part of the project, organising workshops and attending relevant conferences and symposia.

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