Airbus seeks project analyst to join urban air mobility team in Munich

A vacancy has arisen for an Air Mobility Initiative (AMI) Project Analyst within the Airbus Urban Air Mobility team in Munich. The position is offered within the new Airbus Urban Mobility GmbH conditions and salary policy.

Airbus Urban Mobility (AUM) aims to lay the foundations for more efficient and sustainable city travel. To co-create an entire industry from scratch, AMI will develop cutting-edge technical solutions as well as engage with a wide range of stakeholders to build the necessary ecosystem and to ensure maximum societal benefit.

To pioneer sustainable aviation, Airbus is using the emerging eVTOL domain (electrical vertical take-off and landing) to open up the sky in cities and to offer a mobility solution for the third dimension. This might still sound futuristic but Vahana and CityAirbus have proven the technical readiness. Now, it is about maturing the vehicle design, certifying according to the brand-new standards and preparing the operational environment to “Go Vertical”.

Would you like to be at the heart of this next revolution in aerospace? Are you ready to rethink how Urban Air Mobility (UAM) can fit in the urban landscape of today and enable the sustainable and livable cities of tomorrow? Would you like to work with an amazing set of talented individuals from across the company with a genuine drive to make a difference? If so, then join Airbus Urban Mobility as Air Mobility Initiative Project Analyst in Munich.

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