Switzerland updates framework to enable network remote identification of drone operations

Members of Swiss U-Space Implementation (SUSI) have finalised the Swiss Remote ID Master Agreement that is needed to formalise the proper functioning of the network remote identification (NET-RID) service and the exchange of data between service providers. The amended document includes updated technical annexes; modifications to the annex on data exchange; and new annexes to provide a framework for the provision of the service to drone operators.

Version two of the Master Agreement is available on the SUSI website here

The Master agreement reflects the willingness of the parties to engage in the implementation of the Network Remote Identification in Switzerland.

The Agreement governs the rights and obligations of the Parties when providing SRID related Services in accordance with the Standard. The Remote Identification has public acceptance and law enforcement purpose and can be potentially used to enhance situational awareness, but it is not meant as a tool for deconfliction or detect-and-avoid actions.

The Agreement defines the indicators associated with the Services, acceptable and unacceptable Service levels, parameters for data sharing between the Parties, dispute resolution procedures for the Parties with respect to the Services and actions to be taken in specific circumstance.

The Master Agreement includes the following annexes:

  • Technical Annex A: F3411-19 Performance Requirements
  • Technical Annex B: Testing
  • Technical Annex C: SLA Lifecycle
  • Annex D: SRID Data Sharing Agreement
  • Annex F: End User Terms
  • Annex G Form of Joinder
  • Annex H: Standard Contractual Clauses

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